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Hello there, welcome to Caldo & Merci Gifting House!

Our Story

From secondary classmates to business partners.

As usual, we have a Christmas party among close friends, and after the celebration, we have a midnight “deep talk” about our current lives, sharing our joys, sorrows, and worries.

As one of the founders shared her experience in preparing gifts for her family and discovering how satisfying it is when her families love her handmade crafted gift, she came up with the idea of starting a gifting business. However, she lacks the confidence and courage to break out of her current conformity. 

Here comes with other friends who show interest to join the business as they believe gifting is a way to express your love, care and appreciation to others which will bring joyful experience to yourself and others.

Hand in hand, we overcome our fears and begin our adventure journey.

Our Mission

“Spread the love! A Heart-warming Gift for You and Your Loved One”

Our brand name “Caldo & Merci” was inspired by the idea of “Heart-warming” and “Thank you” with combination of Italian and French wordings.

Our goal as a business is to offer Unique, Quality and Memorable gift sets that will made an impact and create a lasting impression.

We want our customer to feel that a sender can also enjoy the happiness as much as recipient or even more and foster a stronger emotional bond between sender and recipient.

As lovers of gifting, we realized the struggled experienced and time consumed to find gifts that are unique, creative and quality.

Now, you can leave all tedious process to us, from choosing your personalize gift, conceptual, execute and make magic happen along with you.

Purchase from us today, spread the love and experience the “Caldo & Merci” difference!

Welcome to Caldo & Merci Gifting.

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